People interested in being elected to the Canon Food Co-op Board

Canon Food Co-op Board Elections will be held in November 16th through December 1st.


We are always looking for interested parties. The Co-op has tried to schedule elections on a yearly basis so we can keep a few on from the previous year and allow a few to pass the baton to new and eager participants. Board members form the backbone of the Co-op running the events from the background and offering a variety of expertise. Not to mention perks of knowing what is coming down the tubes in the form of classes, but also helping to mold what the Co-op is to each of us. Also there is the added benefit of no dues while you’re on. Not a bad deal.


Board update 2018

We brought on Kathy Blair and Leslie Gilbert along with their passion for sustainable living, holistic practices and of course the co-op and its growth.


We you join us next year? Get your membership and nomination in now. By-laws state board members must be members for 6 months.